10 Baking Supplies You Need in the Kitchen

Baking is a delicious hobby and a great stress-reliever, but you may not have the right baking supplies if you’re just getting started. You need seven basic tools when baking: a kitchen scale, measuring spoons, a whisk, a wooden spoon, a spatula, a pastry brush, and a mixing bowl. But you may not need all of them, depending on how you bake. (Some people prefer plastic, while other folks prefer metal.)

Baking is everyone’s favorite part of making food. Baking is a fun, creative, and easy way to enjoy food. It’s wonderful to spend quality time with your loved ones in the kitchen making desserts. But without the right baking supplies on hand, baking can be a lot more challenging than it should be. Follow this guide to discover 10 essential baking supplies for your unique kitchen.

Here Are Ten Baking Supplies You Need in the Kitchen:

  • Fats

Fats are the most common food ingredient, and culinary fats add flavor to foods, add moisture, and are essential to many baked goods. Without fats, many baked items would be too soft or too dense to eat because they are low in fat. There are lots of different types of fats you can use in baking, but you want to focus on healthy unsaturated fats rather than unhealthy fats. These healthier fats are where the flavor comes from, and you don’t want to use too much butter, shortening, or margarine, so look for alternative baking fats. Coconut oil is a healthy baking fat with a mild coconut flavor. You can add it to cookies in place of butter or shortening because the fat in coconut oil melts at a lower temperature than butter or shortening. Use unrefined coconut oil for cooking and unsaturated coconut oil for baking.

  • Baking Powder

Baking powder, also known as baking powder, is exactly what it sounds like: a powder that helps baked goods rise. It helps make cakes, muffins, bread, and other foods fluffy and light.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is the first ingredient in baking powder and is also used as a leavening agent in cakes, cookies, and bread.

  • Salt

Salt is a must for any cooking recipe and some baking recipes too.

  • Flour

Flour is one of those baking supplies that is a must-have in your kitchen.

  • Vanilla Extract

It is a highly concentrated extract made from vanilla beans. While vanilla extract is often added to baked goods or used in beverages, it can be used for a variety of things.

  • Vanilla Bean Paste

Vanilla paste is an alternative to vanilla extract. It is made from vanilla beans that have been allowed to ferment. This process brings out the vanilla flavor. The paste is blended with sugar to create a smooth paste. The paste is thicker and stronger than vanilla extract. It lasts longer because it does not require refrigeration. It is sold in glass jars and can last for a long time.

  • Liquid Sweetener

Liquid sweeteners are sweeter than their dry counterparts but use far less of them. A liquid sweetener may be a better option if you have dietary restrictions. While some sweetening options, like honey, maple syrup, and molasses, are naturally occurring, others are artificial, like sugar alcohols.

  • Baking Pans

A baking pan is one of the most versatile items in your kitchen. You can make anything from a simple brownie to a complex layer cake, and no one will know the difference. That said, it must be maintained very well. With constant use there can be wear and tear, that could hinder your baking experience. Take care of the kitchen appliances after each use by making sure they are cleaned and dried. There can be times when the machine might need a check. In that case, you can take the help of dacor appliance repair professionals or other experts like them nearby your location.

  • Baking Tools

Here is a list of baking tools you need in the kitchen: baking pans, baking bowls, baking cups, baking sheets, measuring cups, measuring spoons, spatula, food processor, kitchen knives, and a kitchen scale.

As a baker, you probably have a list of essential baking supplies that are standard in every kitchen. However, it’s always a good idea to periodically take stock of all of them (you’ll never know when you’ll need them!). We’ve put together this quick list of baking supplies that you need in your kitchen.

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